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Legal time tracking & billing solution Lawyal

Cloud Software & Native app

Lawyal is a cloud-based system and native app allowing law firms to manage all the various aspects of their business for the management of all relevant aspects of a law firm including tracking, billing, and planning.

The Challenge

Choosing management software is a meaningful decision for a law firm to take. It isn't easy to convince a law firm to choose which software to use since the decision directly affects all employees and could even affect the business's profitability.

We believe that when users interact with the products, they should be able to completely trust them.

Lawyer on a scooter

The Solution

We designed Lawyal as an easy-to-use Integrated Assistant. The system merges into the day-to-day work. This means that users can use it anywhere and anytime. It provides real value to the business and its employees through a transparent user experience, that builds on trust, precision, guidance, and personalization. 

Lawyal styleguide design

UX and UI design is not only for websites and apps; it must be the foundation of all software.

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