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Mellanox NEO is a Business-to-Business (B2B) cloud software for data-center network orchestration designed to simplify network provisioning, monitoring, and operations.

The Challenge

Designing a software for professional users from around the world, with differing needs, is always challenging. In addition, the platform has several goals including: setup, daily use, reporting and troubleshooting; each requires specialized functionality and a different User Experience approach.

We believe that in order to design a B2B product for expert users, the design team must walk in these users shoes and become an expert in the software’s intended field.

The Solution

We've designed a user-centric platform that focuses on information architecture, flexibility, and trust. Our design considers the needs of the different users and keeps an optimal performance of the network, allowing a peace of mind by alerting only when it’s really necessary.

We used a customer journey map tool to better understand the different users and give each one of them a real value.

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