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For the first time in 12 years, Strauss decided to deliver its sustainability report in an online version. The report provides a detailed overview of business operations and their impact to the company’s stakeholders and follows strict GRI Standards.

The Challenge

Converting a printed book into a website is difficult: on one hand, we don't want to lose the old-school reading experience. On the other hand, simply imitating the physical experience digitally never yields good results.

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We used minimalist design, a lot of white space, and a consistent structure to ease the information overload.

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The Solution

The website serves two groups of users - Strauss employees who are in charge of the content and the end-users who are the readers. We've designed a few easy-to-use templates for Strauss employees to help them insert and update the content with zero effort. For readers, be them investors or sustainability experts, we've designed a reading  and orientation interface, with a user-friendly yet professional design.

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There are plenty of opportunities for innovation in transforming a printed report into an online one.

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